terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Se a minha vida fosse um musical #10

Jamiroquai - Corner of the Earth

Na banda sonora da minha vida os Jamiroquai têm sem dúvida um papel muito importante. E este Corner Of The Eath… Uiuiui…

“Little darlin' don't you see the sun is shining
Just for you, only today
If you hurry you can get a ray on you, come with me, just toplay
Like every humming bird and bumblebee
Every sunflower, cloud and every tree
I feel so much a part of this
Nature's got me high and it's beautiful
I'm with this deep eternal universe
From death until rebirth
This corner of the earth is like me in many ways
I can sit for hours here and watch the emerald feathers play
On the face of it I'm blessed
When the sunlight comes for free
I know this corner of the earth it smiles at me
So inspired of that there's nothing left to do or say
Think I'll dream, 'til the stars shine

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